When do you need a root canal?

by | Jul 9, 2015 | Dental Services

Many people have heard of root canals before but aren’t completely certain what they are and why they might need one. If your dentist has provided you with a routine exam and then informed you that a root canal will be necessary, you may have some concerns. However by working with the best root canal specialist, Camas, WA patients can feel confident knowing they will be well attended to at all times.

A root canal is needed when a tooth is badly decayed and needs to be saved instead of extracted. A root canal specialist Camas, WA dentist will know exactly what needs to be done in order to save the tooth. They work effectively to remove the decayed portion of the tooth which sometimes includes the root. This will prevent the tooth from decaying further and provide the patient with relief from the pain they may have been experiencing.

Damaged pulp

The damaged pulp or nerve within a tooth can cause the entire structure to weaken. This is why it needs to be removed so that the tooth can be saved. The nerve is not integral to the functioning of the tooth and instead only provides the sensation of hot or cold in the mouth. However the overall function of the tooth won’t be affected when the root canal specialist Camas, WA professional performs the root canal.

When you need a root canal

Sometime when a root canal is needed, no symptoms at all are present. However in other situations there are clear symptoms that indicate a problem. Some of these symptoms include severe pain in the tooth whenever pressure is applied such as in chewing, a darkened color of the tooth, and prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold. Your root canal specialist Camas, WA will ask you if you have any of these symptoms present in order to determine whether or not a root canal is needed.

An endodontist is referred to as a root canal specialist Camas, WA patients can be treated by. They will perform the root canal in one to two visits. These visits will ensure that the entire part of the decayed tooth is removed so that it can be saved from having to be extracted. By treating the tooth early enough, it is possible to save it from further damage.

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