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There are many reasons people may end up losing a tooth. Injuries, cavities and infection can all lead to tooth loss, depending on their severity. When a tooth is missing, the dentist has treatment options that can help. Those who are missing teeth should schedule a consultation appointment to see if they are a good candidate for Dental Bridges Portland. Dental bridges can replace missing teeth anywhere in the mouth, so a person’s smile is made whole again.

To create a bridge, the dentist will first need to make some impressions of the teeth. These impressions are sent to the dental lab so the bridge can be created. During this time, the dentist will begin to prepare the teeth on either side of the missing tooth socket so they will fit in well with the two crowns that are placed over them.

A bridge consists of two crowns that are forged to a false tooth. The two crowns become the “bridge” for the false tooth. To prepare the teeth, the dentist will smooth down the edges and round the tooth until it forms a peg shape. Shaping the tooth in this fashion is critical for making sure the crowns will fit snugly over the teeth to put the crown in place.

When the dental lab has created the bridge, the dentist will check to make sure it fits correctly before it is adhered to the teeth. This fitting process is called a dry fitting. When the dentist is assured the bridge fits perfectly, the two crowns will be adhered in place so the false tooth can rest on top of the gum tissue. This provides a seamless repair that looks and performs naturally. Click here for more details about the dental Bridges in Ferndale, WA.

Once the crowns are fully adhered in place, the bridge can last for up to ten years. With proper care and maintenance, it may last even longer. To find out if a Dental Bridges Ferndale WA can help to complete your smile, contact Frere Smile Design and schedule your appointment today. With a consultation, you can learn if you will be a good candidate for placement of the bridge.

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