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Visit a Nearby Dentist For Cosmetic Procedures On Your Teeth

If you have broken or discolored teeth, then cosmetic dentistry for Chicago residents are available. Today, a dentist can make your smile more attractive in addition to creating a stronger bite. First, you should have a dental examination to determine if you have gingivitis or cavities that require a repair. After those problems are fixed, you can discuss dental procedures that will improve the appearance of your teeth and smile.

Remove Ugly Stains

When you have stained teeth, professional teeth whitening is recommended, and an in-office procedure is the best way to get rid of the tobacco and food discolorations. If you have old metallic fillings that are unattractive, then you can have the fillings replaced with color-matching composite resins. Additional cosmetic procedures include having veneers attached to your front teeth to cover chips. When you have a tooth that is damaged severely by decay or an injury, you can have a beautiful customized crown made to cover the tooth.

Dental Implants

You don’t need to cope with uncomfortable dental bridges because a dentist can insert dental implants into your healthy gum tissue. If your alveolar bones are strong, then you can have dental implants right away, but when you have weak bones, you should take medication for a few months to improve the condition of the jawbone and alveolar bones. Dental implants have titanium posts that are inserted into your alveolar bones so that the devices can hold a screw and full-size dental crown.

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Cosmetic dentistry for Chicago individuals is available at Chicago Dental Arts where Dr. Vlad Fedin works. With his expertise, you can have a gorgeous smile with healthy teeth. Schedule a consultation with our dentist at. Like us on our facebook page.

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