What Does An Orthodontist Do?

In the majority of professions there are specialties, this is true in the medical field, legal field and in dentistry. An orthodontist is a dentist that specializes in the alignment of teeth and jaws. Their patients are those that have teeth which are misaligned, are either too close together or too far apart and have an over bite or under bite. An orthodontist in West Loop is the dental professional that can ensure that you have straight teeth and a beautiful smile.

  • What does the orthodontist do?

Most people who visit an orthodontist do so on the referral of their family dentist. Although a typical family dentist cannot mimic the skills of an orthodontist, they most certainly know when their patient’s teeth have grown in crooked or crowded and cause discomfort. Even in cases where there is no discomfort, may patients wish to straighten their teeth to improve their appearance and smile.

Orthodontists use X-rays and molds to determine how the teeth are currently positioned, once the orthodontist has studied the X-Rays and molds, he or she will develop a course of action designed to correct the problem.

  • How does an orthodontist correct malocclusions?

Treatment for malocclusions is done through the proper application of braces; the goal is to correct the alignment of the teeth as well as enhance the patient’s ability to properly chew food.

Patients of all ages are welcome at the orthodontist West Loop. In the past, teenagers made up the greatest majority of patients but with the introduction of new materials and concepts, this is no longer true. Many adults that have gone without for years are now turning to an orthodontist.

Beyond fitting braces, an orthodontist deals with other conditions as well which include TMJ (Temporomandibular joint dysfunction), sleep apnea and speech impediments.

If you are considering braces then you will be looking for an orthodontist West Loop. For the best in the area you are welcome to make an early appointment with Pure Dental Spa. Visit them online at .

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