Visiting A Cosmetic Dentist In Huntington Beach CA

by | Jan 29, 2024 | Dentist

Getting a job, having a romantic encounter, or just feeling good about yourself… sometimes, a smile can change everything. The solution to your smile issues could be a visit to your local Cosmetic Dentist in Huntington Beach CA. These professionals practice a type of dentistry that borders on the on the thin line between dental care and beauty.

Pain is not the primary reason to visit the dentist. Nowadays it’s aesthetics. A new discipline has emerged in the field of dentistry within the past decade and it is cosmetic dentistry. The reason behind this success is simple. There have been great strides in resins used (adhesives, composites and others), procedures can compete with other prostheses; and dental procedures can protect and whiten teeth multiple shades.

Concerning cosmetic dentistry, before the age of 16 there is very little a dentist can do because of the teeth and the growing process. In fact, orthodontics is the only major dental field that allows work on a child’s teeth. Between 16 and 30 years, a small volume of people look to correct certain issues that they may be unhappy with. This is also a time in which people have surgery to correct any major dental flaws, like loss of teeth. After 30 years of age, dentists of see restorations (resin or ceramic), crowns and dental implants in Huntington Beach CA come into play.

If your teeth are stained, dentists can correct the discoloration or enamel mineralization defect in one of two ways: whitening or through veneers. Dental whitening can be performed at home or in the office and can be very efficient (depending on the method used). Veneers are usually ceramic and are placed on the front of teeth to add volume. Both methods are very reliable, especially if you make regular visits to your dentist for routine care.

A Cosmetic Dentist in Huntington Beach CA can help you determine what method is best for you. However, the first step is contacting a dental professional. Many people try to steer clear of the dentist’s office due to fear. With modern day medicine being as reliable as it is, pain is no longer an issue. Many dental providers will also work with you on financial planning as well. For more information, visit Kali Dental.

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