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by | Sep 12, 2018 | Dentist

There are two definitions of “root canal.” First, it is the inner passages of a tooth between the tooth pulp and the roots. The other definition is the procedure used by an endodontist in Glenview to remove infected material from the passages and immediately eliminate pain.

The root canals contain blood vessels and nerves. Once an adult tooth has fully emerged, the nerve does not serve any further purpose other than sense temperature. Removing the nerve of an infected tooth is the recommended way to treat pain caused by decay or infection of the pulp.

What Causes Root Canal Pain?

The primary causes of root canal pain are decay, damage, and disease.

  • Decay that has penetrated the outer surface of the tooth
  • Damage such as chips or cracks that often lead to tooth decay
  • Disease such as severe decay, cracks, chips, and large fillings can cause an infection

Root Canal Procedure

A typical root canal takes between one and three visits to the endodontist. The procedure is performed in three stages.

  • Cleaning the canal:

    Under local anesthesia, the endodontist will remove all infected material from the root canal. This is done through a small access hole that has been drilled into the tooth. Small files are then used to extract the dead and diseased material.

  • Filling the Canal

    Once the root canal has been perfectly cleaned and shaped, rubber-like material is used to fill the canal. An adhesive is used to close the canal permanently.

  • Placing a crown or filling

    Because material has been removed from the tooth, it is considerably more fragile than it was prior to the root canal procedure. To ensure tooth strength and to protect it, a crown is fitted, or the entry hole is filled with amalgam.

Once the root canal is completed, the tooth can be used as it was prior to the procedure.

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