Using Clear Braces in Manassas to Improve Dental Health

by | Jul 2, 2014 | Dental Services

Braces are dental appliances used by dentists like the ones at Gainesville Orthodontics to help dental patient’s with dental conditions such as underbites, malocclusions, overbites, and deep bites. These devices also help align a person’s teeth in respect to other teeth in the row. Eating, talking, and chewing can all be affected by one of these problems. Correcting them with braces will help restore functionality.

For many people, especially adults, Clear Braces in Manassas are a practical way to help their teeth. Many people associate braces with a youthful appearance. For adults who want a more mature look, these invisible braces offer the chance to straighten teeth and rectify malocclusions.

Before getting Clear Braces in Manassas, a dentist will consult with a patient and perform an in depth assessment of the patient’s teeth. During a consultation, a patient needs to tell a dentist about any fears she has. This includes fear of pain and of being diagnosed with certain dental diseases. A patient should also disclose her medical history, current medications she is taking, and what she is taking the medications for. The dentist will talk to the patient about realistic expectations. Some dentists can even show patients “before” and “after” pictures of patients who have gotten braces. This will help a patient decide for sure if braces are for her.

After a consultation, a dentist will start a thorough examination of a patient’s mouth and areas surrounding the mouth. This includes the head, neck, temporomandibular joint, lymph nodes, and salivary glands. The dentist will also check out the soft and hard tissues of a patient’s mouth. A clinical examination will be done to check for tooth decay and other dental diseases.

Once a dentist has ascertained that a patient is a good candidate for invisible braces, he will start the process. This will involve visits over the course of three months to 2 years, depending on the time needed to fix the problem. Once this is done, the braces will be removed as a patient gets used to the results. Using clear braces can enhance a person’s dental health and aesthetic appeal for improved self-confidence.




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