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Advantages of Having a Dentist Handle Teeth Whitening in NYC

Many people today are concerned their teeth do not look as white or bright as they would like. This has become a common problem, and many people will try a number of retail products to help in correcting the issue. Unfortunately, these types of whitening treatments are not always successful and, in such cases, a patient may benefit by seeing a dentist for Teeth Whitening in NYC.

Most dentists, like Greene Street Dental, can offer a patient professional whitening treatments using high quality whitening products. They also have access to equipment and other types of supplies to help in ensuring the treatment is as effective as possible. This can be a great benefit for most patients.

When a patient first visits a dentist for this type of treatment, he or she will often begin the appointment by examining the patient’s teeth. This allows the dentist an opportunity to determine the severity of the patient’s dental issue and it may give insight into the cause of the issue.

This is important, as Teeth Whitening in NYC will generally not be of help to a person with very severe discoloration of the teeth. This is especially true if the discoloration is the result of a hereditary condition or due to prescription medications the patient may have taken in the past. In these cases, the dentist may need to recommend other dental treatments, such as dental veneers.

If the dentist determines the patient will benefit from teeth whitening treatments, the next step generally involves the patient having their teeth professionally cleaned to remove any buildup of tartar or plaque. This will make the process go faster and be more successful as well.

The dentist will then paint the whitening product onto each tooth individually. This makes it easier to ensure each tooth is completely coated with the product. Often a custom fitted tray is also filled with whitening product and applied to the teeth. A laser lamp is generally used on the teeth. This further enhances the whitening product. This can help in speeding the process and making it more effective as well. While the patient may begin to see results after the first treatment, often they will need to return for further treatments to obtain the whitest and brightest teeth possible.

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