Tips for a Good Checkup with General Dentists in Amarillo Texas

Many people get nervous before their annual dental checkup. They may be worried the dentist will find a problem, or they many know they haven’t been taking good care of their teeth. All General Dentists in Amarillo Texas want their patients to experience a clean bill of health at their routine exams. There are a few things people can go to help make these yearly checkups go smoothly.

Brush Twice a Day

Everyone knows that brushing after each meal is important, yet many people don’t find time to do it. The truth is, however, that those who remember to brush their teeth at least twice a day usually have healthier smiles. Brushing effectively removes plaque from teeth. Plaque is a mixture of food particles and saliva that begins to form after every meal or snack. If not removed in a timely matter, it hardens even more to create a yellow substance called tartar. Too much tartar leads to bacteria buildup in the mouth, and eventually cavities may form. Unfortunately, tartar is tricky to clean off teeth at home. It must be removed by a hygienist at Panhandle Dental in Amarillo Texas.

Flossing Is Key

All General Dentists in Amarillo Texas agree that flossing is a key role in good oral health. While it only takes a few minutes each day to floss, many patients forget this vital step. Brushing only removes surface stains, but flossing cleans out debris between the teeth. Bacteria is known for hiding between teeth, and decay may form in these hard-to-reach places. Flossing also removes food particles from the gum line, which prevents bad breath and tartar buildup. Patients who floss regularly are less likely to develop gingivitis, an early stage of gum disease. If left untreated, gum disease may lead to tooth loss.

Taking a few minutes everyday to practice good oral hygiene is often all it takes to have better dental checkups. General Dentists in Amarillo Texas recommend that all patients remember to brush and floss everyday. These two quick and simple habits may help prevent cavities and gum disease. Plus, taking care of your teeth at home may reduce any anxiety you have about seeing a dentist. You can also browse their website for more information.

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