Reasons to Visit Qualified Orthodontists in Westchester County NY

Having a beautiful smile with a set of pearly white, straight, even teeth can help to increase one’s self-confidence and self-esteem. People with misaligned and damaged teeth may resist smiling even when they are happy. This is because their crooked or misaligned teeth embarrass them. The best way to correct the problem is to visit experienced Orthodontists in Westchester County NY. Orthodontists are dentists who are specially trained in making teeth move. These professionals can realign crooked teeth into a straight, even, healthy smile. Qualified orthodontists, such as Anthony DeBenedictis D.D.S. use aligners (also known as trays) and other appliances, such as headgear, which attach to the neck or head to add more force to help in moving teeth. These professionals also use retainers to hold teeth in position. The following are some of the key reasons to visit an experienced orthodontist.

Timely Screening Services

Prevention is always better. When teeth are erupting, and jaws are growing, there are many transitional stages between the eruption of primary teeth and their replacement by permanent teeth. It is highly advisable to visit an orthodontist regularly between the ages of 6 to 12 years so that they can monitor growth and development of teeth. A timely onset of an orthodontic treatment can enhance results and reduce the need for extractions.

Crowding of teeth

Crowding of teeth occurs when there is disharmony in the number or size of teeth available on the jaw. Crowding can be caused by late loss of primary teeth or improper eruption of teeth. If not corrected, crowding can prevent proper cleaning, cause decay and increase chances of gum disease. A qualified orthodontist can help one to correct teeth crowding problems efficiently to enhance their appearance.

Protrusion of Teeth

Abnormal teeth protrusions result in a less attractive smile, and make front teeth increasingly prone to accidental chipping and trauma. Licensed orthodontists know how to correct abnormal teeth protrusions problems correctly.

These are just some of the key services provided by experienced Orthodontists in Westchester County NY. To get satisfactory results, make sure that you only choose a highly qualified orthodontist.

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