Different Braces Involved with Orthodontic Care in Bayside NY

by | Aug 3, 2015 | Dentist

There are different types of orthodontic brackets, but all work to properly align the teeth and correct malposition and dental malocclusions. Knowing which one is right for a patient involves several steps. It is crucial you visit a dentist and speak with them before deciding which one to go with. This article gives a brief outline of the different kinds of braces in Orthodontic Care Bayside NY.

Types of dental brackets in orthodontics

The main types of orthodontic brackets are:

* Metal braces (traditional) and Damon self-litigating braces

* Aesthetic brackets (porcelain or sapphire)

* Incognito lingual braces

* Invisalign clear aligners

Metal and Damon brackets

Metal brackets used in Orthodontic Care Bayside NY are made of high quality stainless steel. The advantage of metal brackets is the price, as they are the cheapest. The main drawback of the technique is that this option is very anti-aesthetic. They can be decorated with elastic rubber and a variety of colors, so some patients call them colored brackets. Damon brackets are braces designed to reduce the duration of Orthodontic Care Bayside NY. Self-ligating wires are attached to the dental bracket by a clip and not the bands employed in conventional orthodontics. The price of metal brackets varies just a tad compared with Damon braces.

Sapphire braces

Aesthetic brackets (ceramic braces, porcelain or sapphire) are transparent and are designed to harmonize with the natural color of the enamel of a tooth. Sapphire brackets are the highest quality aesthetic brackets available (besides Invisalign, which are invisible) because they are fully transparent and do not stain. The price is a few hundred dollars more than conventional braces.

Lingual brackets

Lingual braces are an option most people turn to because they are usually not visible to others. The most advanced technique of lingual orthodontics is the “Incognito” system. Lingual braces are hidden behind the teeth and are therefore “invisible” when the patient smiles. They are 100% customized to suit the shape of each tooth and are created exclusively for the individual patient.


Invisalign uses removable clear aligners that are completely invisible and unnoticeable. This treatment is designed to correct malocclusions and tooth position without wearing conventional dental braces.

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