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Teeth Whitening in Jackson for Sensitive Teeth

Teeth whitening is a very easy and simple cosmetic procedure that can make you look and feel great. Teeth Whitening in Jackson can be used to get rid of discoloration caused by coffee and tobacco. It can also be used to restore some of the natural shine to your teeth. However, if you have sensitive teeth, even this simple cosmetic procedure can be painful. If you have sensitive teeth, make sure your Teeth Whitening in Jackson dentist knows about your condition. They can take special precautions to make the procedure painless for you.

Try to go to a dentist that offers chair side bleaching services. If you are not sure if they offer these services, call ahead and inquire. Let them know that you want your teeth whitened, but that you have sensitive teeth.

When you are at the dentist office, the dental hygienist should apply a protective gel to your gums. They may also apply a rubber shield to your gums. After either protective gel or a rubber shield has been applied to your gums, they will then apply the whitening solution.

Most whitening solutions are made from hydrogen peroxide. They also generally contain other whitening compounds as well. If you suffer from sensitive teeth, the hygienist can use a lower concentration of the solution to whiten your teeth with. This will allow you to whiten your teeth without experiencing a lot of pain.

Another option for teeth whitening is to collaborate with your dentist and do a supervised treatment. A supervised treatment will allow you to apply the whitening solution to your teeth at home. Generally, they will give you a gel that is a lot less potent than the concentration the dentist uses. These continued treatment will allow your teeth to become white without the pain of a regular treatment.

If you have sensitive teeth but also want white teeth, make sure you let your dentist know. They can apply a protective gel or cover over your gums, and use a lower concentration of the whitening solution. If you find a great dentist who understands your sensitivity, you can use him or her for your regular and emergency dentist needs as well.

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