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Seeing an Emergency Dentist in Pomona for Tooth Cracks

Dental fractures are cracks in the tooth bone underneath the enamel, which can make the tooth hurt. A crack can tease both the patient and the dentist because it can be difficult to find out what is wrong with the tooth. Cracks in the tooth bone should not be confused with cracks in the enamel, which can be seen on the surface of teeth. You should not be too concerned with enamel cracks, as they are found in almost all teeth and are mostly irrelevant. Either way, you should seek care from your local Emergency Dentist in Pomona for care.

Can my dentist see a dental fracture?

No, the outside of the tooth may be healthy and fit. There is often a filling in the tooth, but the dentist cannot see the crack until the filling is removed – not even on a radiograph. But with a special bite stick, an emergency dentist can often reveal what the tooth is all about. Failure to find the crack with a bite stick can leave you with serious consequences. If it hurts too much, the Emergency Dentist in Pomona will remove the filling of the suspected tooth to search for the crack.

Why does fracture occur?

There are several reasons teeth may crack. First of all, it can be because the teeth become weaker after many years of hard work. One can say that dentin fracture is a form of fatigue fracture. Your local teeth whitening dentist will look for this before performing a whitening, as this is a contraindication to the procedure.

Where do dentin fractures occur?

Cracks are where the tooth is weakest and most often occur in the molars, which are weakened because there are holes (tooth decay) in the tooth. The greater the charge is and the smaller the tooth that is left, the easier it will be cracked. In rare cases, cracks are in healthy, untreated teeth.

If you do not seek treatment for fracture, the tooth nerve can be damaged. A root canal treatment is the best way to treat this issue. Cracks can also result in tooth flakes. For more information, contact your local Emergency Dentist in Pomona today.



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