Smile Makeovers: Options in Cosmetic Dental Care in Ann Arbor MI

by | Aug 17, 2015 | Dental Services

People who contact a local Cosmetic Dental Care in Ann Arbor MI are increasingly starting to ask for what is commonly called as “smile makeover.” After all, the body can be remade with diet and exercise, and the face can be transformed with makeup and beauty products. People are now realize that a cosmetic dentist can do more than just a random repair here and there: An experienced cosmetic dentist can truly remake the entire smile.

The Beginning: Alignment

The first part of a dental smile makeover is often an adjustment to the alignment of the teeth. Many people have some sort of alignment problems, whether it’s an overbite or an underbite. Others may just have a couple of teeth that are slightly crooked. These problems are addressed in a couple of ways. Braces or clear aligners like Invisalign are often used to correct alignment, but in some cases the dentist may remove teeth. Teeth removal is usually reserved for those who have what is known as a crowded mouth. Removing excess teeth in the back allows the teeth in the front to move into the right position. Visit here to learn more.

The Middle: Color Correction and Adjustment of Imperfections

Even once teeth are in ideal alignment, they may still have a few issues. First, many people have darkened teeth. The darkness may come from coffee, tea, nicotine, or a number of other foods and drinks. This is easily corrected with dental whitening procedures. Sometimes this will be a special whitening gel that the patient applies at home every night. In other cases, the whitening is done with dental lasers at the cosmetic dentist’s office over several sessions. There may be some imperfections in the teeth, like tiny chips or pits. These are often remedied with the use of veneers or caps. Both are crafted from dental porcelain that will mimic the appearance of the tooth it covers, since they are custom created for each person’s mouth.

The End: A Gorgeous New Smile

A dentist can do all of this and much more to transform your appearance. If you need a local Cosmetic Dental Care in Ann Arbor MI, consider contacting Washtenaw General Dentistry. The general dentists there work with patients of all ages, providing both routine dental care and a variety of cosmetic dental care options!

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