Learn More About Partial Dentures in Astoria NY

A partial denture often referred to as a bridge, is a dental appliance that can be used to replace a person’s missing teeth. Removable partials feature false teeth that are attached to a pink colored false gum plate. In some cases, these removable dentures can be attached through metal anchors that are placed down into the jawbone. The most common form of partial dentures in Astoria NY is the bridge type that allows the partial to stay in place without the need for removal. Through this information, people will learn what to expect from their appointment.

When a bridge is being put in place, the teeth on each side will need to be prepared. First, images will be instead of the teeth so the dentist can send this information to a dental lab or create the bridge using a CEREC machine. The lab or a machine will create the bridge that consists of one to two false teeth surrounded on both sides by a crown. These crowns are placed over the top of the teeth and are adhered, so they can hold the bridge in place without it moving or shifting while eating.

Preparation of the end teeth involves carefully shaping them and making them smaller and rounder. This shaping process helps to ensure the teeth will easily fit inside the crowns with a snug fit. If the bridge is created by the CEREC machine, it will be available for placement the same day. If being created by a dental lab, the patient will have to wait until the bridge is complete. In some cases, a spacer may be put in place to keep the teeth from shifting while waiting for the bridge to be completed.

Once a bridge is adhered in place, it will last a minimum of 5 to 7 years. With the latest advancements in bridges, many are lasting longer than ten years. if you have missing teeth in your smile and would like to learn more about bridges and how they can complete your smile appearance, Contact Steinway Family Dental Center. They provide stellar dental care services for their patients to ensure they have beautiful smiles.

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