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Refine Your Smile With Dental Lumineers In Birmingham Alabama

With the advent of the world wide web and the use of social media, there is no such thing as anonymity. Just sending out a job query is going to make people want to see what you look like. While this might sound quite shallow on the part of an employer, they will tell you that they wish to align a face to the letters they receive. When someone then sends in a letter and resume, they may have already made a good impression on them.

Taking a photograph is absolutely frightening for some people. They fear that they will be judged on the weakness of their smile. Much of this has to do with dental neglect suffered over the years. Dr. Michael S. Anglin Birmingham Alabama sees many patients like this every year. He knows that they may be so apprehensive to see a dentist, that their teeth are not what they should be.

Dental Lumineers in Birmingham Alabama can remake anyone’s mouth. All one has to do is come into the dentist’s office for an initial examination. It begins with the doctor asking you for a full medical history. Illnesses and medications can have a devastating effect on one’s teeth. This let’s the doctor know about serious conditions that may affect your teeth again in the future.

Before being fit for your Dental Lumineers in Birmingham Alabama, you will be asked to take a complete set of xrays in the office. Unlike xrays you may have taken at another dental office or in the hospital at some time, these can be digital xrays. When the technician takes them, it is quick and painlessly. They let the doctor see what is going on underneath your gums, something that could not be accomplished otherwise.

Molds will be made of your mouth for your Dental Lumineers in Birmingham Alabama. While they are being made and prepared in the lab, it will be suggested that you have a cleaning with the dental hygienist. Having a professional cleaning is the best way to make sure the surfaces under these veneers are clean and ready for action. Visit website for more details.


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