An Explanation of Root Canals Through the Dentist in Waikoloa

If your dentist has informed you of your need for having a root canal procedure, there is no reason for you to stress. Most people who have root canals experience very little discomfort after the procedure and none during. If you are in need of a root canal, this information will help to prepare you with what to expect, so you will not feel nervous when it comes time for you to go through the procedure. Click here for more information.

Root canals are typically performed on teeth that have disease inside the pulpy area. It is also carried out on teeth that have experienced severe damage. The process first involves the dentist creating an opening in the top of your tooth. This is done while you are under anesthesia, so you will not feel any pain or discomfort at all. However, you may feel some mild pressure while your tooth is being worked on.

The Dentist Waikoloa will then begin removing the pulp and connective tissue in your tooth. If this diseased tissue is allowed to stay in your tooth, it will continue to cause pressure and swelling and could lead to you losing your tooth entirely.

The dentist will also remove your nerve. Adult teeth no longer require the nerve to be present. Removing the nerve will not interfere with your tooth function. It will simply stop the pain you have been feeling from your tooth, so you will have full relief.

In the event your tooth is infected, the Dentist Waikoloa will not seal the tooth quite yet. You will go through antibiotic therapy, to ensure your infection is cleared first. Once the dentist is assured you no longer have the infection, the tooth will be filled with dental resin, so it is protected and strong.

If you are in need of a Dentist Waikoloa, contact the office of Brian S. Kubo DDS Waikoloa. He and his staff will work to make sure your teeth stay healthy and strong. Through routine dental care, you can protect your smile and prevent many of the oral health concerns people face. Call for your appointment today.

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