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No Need to be Afraid of the Dentist

If you experience anxiety and nervousness when you have to go to the dentist, you are not alone. Many people suffer for many weeks worrying about their trip to the dentist. Surveys have shown that more than 75% of people in the U.S. alone have some sort of fear about visiting the dentist. This fear causes people with serious dental issues not to go to the dentist at all, causing more damage to their teeth, gums, and overall health.

Why People are Afraid

There are a number of reasons why people are afraid to go to the dentist. Maybe they watched a horrifying movie about a dentist or had a bad experience as a child. Sometimes it is not even anything like that. The feeling of not knowing what to expect can cause people to hesitate to make that appointment. It takes a time to get over those types of fears but it can be done, and there is help available if your anxiety gets the best of you.

You are not alone

The good news there are a lot of people that feel the same way you do. More good news is that many dentists are beginning to be more sensitive to those feelings and making visits much easier on their patients. There are friendly faces waiting in there to treat you with respect, kindness, and sensitivity.

Meet the Dentist

You can always go in ahead of time and meet the dentist and the staff before your initial visit. If you feel comfortable with the professionals who will be working on your teeth, then you will feel less anxious. Explain your feelings to the staff and make sure they can be sensitive to your anxiety and nervousness.

Don’t avoid it

If you do not go to the dentist on a regular basis, you are not only causing damage to your teeth and gums but also the rest of your body. Just like with every other doctor you have to visit, it should not be ignored, especially if you are experiencing pain or other dental issues.

Anxiety is perfectly normal when you are going to the dentist, and it is nothing to be ashamed of. Meet with Brian S. Kubo DDS, a reputable dentist in Kohala, to discuss your fears. He will be happy to put you at ease by providing education and care in a comfortable setting you can trust.

Are you looking for a high-quality dentist in Kohala who will be sensitive to your needs? Meet Brian S. Kubo, DDS and visit his website for more information.

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