Replace Damaged Teeth Using Dental Implants in Astoria NY

The teeth are some of the most important tools for proper eating. Some of them allow for biting into foods while others are used for chewing. The ability to chew foods properly is the best way to break them down for digestion. Unfortunately, teeth can break or decay which results in pain. In certain instances, the damaged teeth will need to be extracted, but this leaves an open space for the remaining teeth to shift into. Plus, extracting a damaged tooth can reduce the ability to masticate food properly. The solution to this dilemma is dental implants in Astoria NY.

A dental implant is basically an artificial replacement for the lost tooth. The dentist will begin with an inert material which is strong enough to withstand the pressure from eating food. This is usually a titanium stud, but options like plastic are available. Once the stud is in place, the wound will need some time to heal. Next, the dentist will shape a crown that matches the existing teeth and fills the space properly.

Dental implants in Astoria NY are a great solution when teeth are extracted, but they serve other purposes as well. For example, a set of implants can easily hold dentures in place. Imagine being able to talk and chew without concern about moving dentures. For a full dental plate, this is usually a set of implants in the front of the jaw and a set at the back. This process will also require new dentures that are capable of being secured to the studs.

Implants can also improve a person’s smile. For instance, when there is a damaged tooth or one that is improperly sized, it may be necessary to remove the original tooth and install an implant. An alternative to this process could be the use of veneers. The application of a veneer will cover one or more dental concerns where an individual implant focuses on a specific tooth.

One small concern with dental implants is a weak jawbone. Over time, the jaw can shrink or deteriorate. When this happens, the dentist will suggest the use of bone grafts to strengthen the area. Once the bone has healed, the implant can be placed. Contact Us to learn more.

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