Know the Facts before Contacting a Cosmetic Dentist in Franklin

by | Feb 15, 2016 | Dentist

Your smile is the first thing people notice. As such, it’s essential for any good first impression. So you want to maintain them as best you can—especially since your teeth and gums are signs of health and vitality, too. Brushing and bleaching with baking soda, though, don’t always give you the dramatic results you want for your appearance. A dentist is the first person you should see when you need an effective cosmetic dental procedure.

Teeth Whitening

Only a dentist will know if your mouth is qualified to undergo a whitening program, or if your stained teeth are better off being removed rather than bleached. With that said, teeth whitening does work on most people’s tooth stains. And though it’s possible to remove almost all forms of discoloration, yellow stains are easier to remove than brown, gray, and black ones. Whitening is able to be performed on artificial teeth, as well.

Periodontal Cosmetic Surgery

Periodontal cosmetic surgery has to do with gums and the bones supporting teeth. A cosmetic dentist may specialize in fixing the gums by lightening the dark areas or removing the excessive parts. They are able to clean the gums, but they usually perform more advanced procedures, like gum grafting, which involves the transfer of gums taken from the person’s mouth and implanted into the affected gum area. This procedure is performed to replace tissue that is damaged because of periodontal disease. Another reason is to replace tissue that is lost due to receding gum lines. Over time, the grafted tissue grows and becomes part of the existing structure.


The perfect smile is possible with the use of Lumineers. Lumineers are the safe and painless alternatives to veneers. The thin porcelain coverings are applied to the teeth without anesthesia or major surgery. This option is ideal for people who want the perfect smile but can’t stand the sight of needles—or people who can’t take anesthetics, or who simply don’t like to sit in the dentist’s chair for too long. Lumineers stay put on the teeth, so the only type of maintenance needed is regular brushing

Excessive Gums

Everyone likes the appearance of healthy gums in a smile. However, there is such a thing as too much gums. A cosmetic dentist performs contouring surgery to reduce a gum line that is too high or wide. Some people are born with the problem, while others suffer from gum disease. The appearance of gums is an important part of your smile, so you want to improve this structure medically.

Just about everyone has had some kind of dental problem that’s affected their teeth or gums. Some people have smiles that are too gummy, while others have missing teeth. Any of these problems are unnecessary and cause people to hide their smiles. So if you have a dental issue you need to be resolved, review the different procedures provided by a cosmetic dentist in Franklin today.

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