Five Tips for Preparing for Dental Implants

by | Mar 9, 2016 | Dentist

Teeth are as unique as fingerprints; no two people have the same set of teeth. The decision to get dental implants whether due to cosmetic purposes or medical requires a great deal of research and thought. Like any other procedure, dental implant surgery can be frightening for some, especially with the very common “fear of going to the dentist.” The following five simple tips can grease the path to prepare for dental implants in Jacksonville Beach area.

Educate yourself on dental implants
The current US Administration is running a national advertisement campaign to have folks ask doctors and medical provider’s questions, no matter how silly they may perceive it to be. With dental implant surgery, which has a longer time for full recovery, questioning your surgeon and medical staff about anything that has to do with dental implants will help you through it.

Go online and read up about the products, the process, and the recuperation periods. Also, read reviews or feedback from others who have had similar procedures. The knowledge you will gain from this will greatly assist you in preparing for your implants. If you have not done so already, check your doctor’s credentials on government licensing bodies to see if he or she has had issues, been fined or had licenses revoked.

Ensure you have taken adequate steps to fill any prescriptions required for you to undergo the dental implant procedure. Your doctor may have spoken to you about anxiety or may have prescribed medication to relieve your anxiety. Be prepared to talk to your doctor or his staff about ALL the prescriptions you are on and have taken the day of your surgery, this is crucially important. Your surgeon should already have a list of all your prescriptions, but keep a list handy with your not forgetting dosage information.

Your body utilizes resources to process intake of food, hence try to have a light supper or dinner the night before the dental implant procedure or eat light the day of the procedure. It will assist the doctors and will help with recuperation. Try not to ingest excess amounts of caffeine and sugars. Stay away from alcoholic beverages’ and tobacco products the night and the day of the surgery. Doing this will make the process and the recuperation much easier.

Recovery and Recuperation
Your mouth will be sore from dental implant surgery after the numbness wears off. You’ve had teeth pulled, jaw bones drilled, screws put in etc. Be conscious of the amount of pain and discomfort you will be in. Have someone with you who has a pleasant understanding bedside manner.

There is going to be significant swelling for a few days after the implants have been put in, prepare yourself if you do not want to be seen like that. Preparing for these psychological factors prior to the procedure and setting up processes to help you deal with these thoughts can greatly assist in the recuperation process. For example, if you know your face is going to be swollen for 3-5 days after the procedure, you may not want to have visitors during this time.

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