Fix Teeth with Porcelain Onlays in Orange CT

by | Feb 5, 2016 | Dentist

When teeth chip, break, or decay, most people have a crown placed on the tooth. In order for a crown to fit well, a lot of the tooth has to be removed. Crowns can also be expensive, and can also chip or break. Another option to fix teeth is to use porcelain onlays in Orange CT. The procedure is a bit different than a crown and does not require as much of the tooth to be removed. That allows the healthy part of the tooth to remain in order to keep it strong and secure in the gums. Because most of the tooth remain, it is unlikely the onlay will chip or break

Porcelain onlays in Orange CT is tooth colored, and fit perfectly because they are fabricated in a dental laboratory. The procedure is completed in two appointments. The first appointment is needed to prepare the damaged tooth. The broken or decayed area is removed, and an impression is taken of the tooth. A temporary cover is placed over the tooth. The impression is sent off so the onlay can be made. During the second appointment, the temporary cover is removed, and the permanent one is fitted to the tooth. At this point, the dentist will check the fit for accuracy, and then bond the onlay to the tooth. Most patients choose porcelain, but gold and a composite resin can also be used.

The cost of the piece is determined by several factors. The material used, the size of the piece and the total number of teeth involved are major factors. Where in the mouth the onlays will be located is also a factor. It is more difficult to work on the back teeth, for example, so that may raise the overall cost. The specific dentist and the geographical location also dictates the total cost for the procedure. The dentist will be able to determine if a full crown is needed, or if an onlay is the best option depending on the damage to the tooth.

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