Keep Your Smile Looking Great With Help From an Emergency Dentist in Merchantville

In today’s fast paced world, one of the most common reasons for visiting a dentist is an emergency procedure. Part of the problem is finding the time to properly care for your teeth and making time to visit the dentist when required. Of course, not all visits to an Emergency Dentist in Merchantville are the result of neglect. Many problems happen due to real life accidents and even sports related injuries. Many of the nation’s favorite pastimes are actually fairly aggressive games including football and boxing. Plus, a number of activities that have gained popularity like paintball are dangerous by nature. Once the accident happens, it is important to get the injury repaired before further harm occurs.

When need for an emergency dental service in Merchantville is due to an infected or impacted tooth, there is little time to waste. An infected tooth can occur whenever a cavity exists or an infection sets into the soft tissue of the mouth. When this happens the dentist must treat the infection first in order to avoid further complications from infected tissue. An impacted tooth is one that is unable to fully erupt through the gum tissue due to another tooth or bone blocking the way. One common occurrence of this is an impacted wisdom tooth. This is a very natural event for an adult and one of the main reasons for having a tooth removed. If left untreated, the impacted tooth could decay and eventually lead to infection and other complications.

Some reasons for an Emergency Dentist in Merchantville are related to dental appliances. Dental appliances can cover a variety of needs, but the most common are bridges and dentures. A broken set of dentures can cause a person to quit wearing these replacement teeth which can actually lead to larger problems. Leaving your dentures out can cause a loss of gum tissue and eventually lead to improperly fitting dentures. When the dentures fail to fit properly, the cycle gets worse and eventually makes it impossible to wear your dentures at all. In some cases, the dentist can resolve the situation using bone grafts and Dental Implants. An implant uses an inert metal stud designed to secure a porcelain crown. This combination creates a tough yet durable tooth replacement.

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