What to Do Before Seeing an Emergency Dentist in Haddon Heights

Dental traumas can occur in split second. These dental emergencies can damage dental tissue and different layers of teeth. If left untreated, damage to a tooth can result in tooth loss and an infection that can spread to other parts of the body. To keep this from happening, it’s best to see an Emergency Dentist in Haddon Heights promptly after dental trauma. Until you can see this professional, there are steps to take to lessen or eliminate the pain and prevent further damage to the mouth.

When your tooth is completely knocked out, an Emergency Dentist in Haddon Heights may be able to save it if you receive treatment within one or two hours of the accident. Pick up the tooth by the crown. This is the visible part above the gum line. Don’t handle the tooth by the roots or dental tissues hanging by the crown. Very carefully rinse the tooth under warm water. Try not to shake or fling the tooth around. To prevent the tooth from falling down the drain, place a towel over the drain before rinsing the tooth. After washing it with water, attempt to put the tooth back in its socket. When this is not possible, place the tooth in a container filled with milk.

If you have a tooth that is cracked or chipped, rinse your mouth out with warm water. This will rid your mouth of food and dislodge any particles. Don’t attempt to assess the damage of the tooth by moving it around or investigating the fracture. Instead, try to keep your mouth closed and don’t eat anything until you see an emergency dentist. However, if a point on the damaged tooth is poking into the tissue of your mouth, place cotton between the tooth and the tissue.

As with any type of dental trauma, pain can be moderate to extreme. Use an over-the-counter medication for dental emergencies that result in pain. By performing these actions and seeing a dentist promptly, you can avoid dental restoration work such as Dental Implants. Talk to your dentist to verify whether he offers emergency dentistry. If he does not, find a dentist who does before an actual emergency occurs so you will be prepared.

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