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by | Sep 26, 2014 | Dentist

Dental problems come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For the most part, many dental problems can be taken care of from the comfort of your home thanks to modern advances in dental care for toothpaste products, mouth rinses, and even flossing products. Unfortunately for many patients in the Green Creek area, even at-home dental care can’t prevent some of the more prominent dental problems like enamel decay and tooth infection. When a tooth does get infected, it can often cause severe discomfort and pain in a patient’s mouth. Getting your tooth looked at by an Emergency Dentist in Green Creek when you experience pain or discomfort from a tooth can help get relief from the pain, but also can help prevent the problem from increasing in severity.

While an Emergency Dentist in Green Creek will usually only take care of the immediate problem and discomfort, it can still be beneficial for the patient to visit one when experiencing extreme pain from an infection or have had accidental damage to a tooth. An emergency dentist can provide you with repair work for immediate problems that can’t wait until you visit your regular dentist, as well as help you with an infection by prescribing you antibiotics to help clear out the infection. A dentist will normally not work on an infected tooth until the infection has been cleared out, due to the possibility of the infection entering your bloodstream. Once you’ve finished taking the antibiotics prescribed by your Emergency Dentist in Green Creek, your regular dentist will be able to begin work on the bigger problem that caused the infection afterwards.

When a tooth is infected or damaged severely, it can often lead to it requiring an extraction to remove the entire tooth. Once removed, Dental Implants are normally the best solution for a replacement over other methods like dentures and bridges. Dental implants are healthier, since their metal anchors stimulate your jaw’s bone growth similar to the way your original teeth’s roots would have as you chew. Dentures, on the other hand, compact bone over time and require patients to have bone grafts later on to rebuild their jawbones. Click here, For more information.

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