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Installing dentures in Jacksonville Beach

123456If you reside in Jacksonville Beach and you are in need of dentures, there are quite a few options available to you. One of the most convenient options is to go to a quick service dentist that offers ‘dentures in a day.’ This will get you the fastest service but there is no guarantee you will be satisfied with the outcome. Dentures Jacksonville Beach patients are looking for need to be placed with complete care and attention to ensure complete satisfaction and the best possible results.

Choose your dentures

When it comes to dentures, Jacksonville Beach professional dentists can provide the assist you need. They offer either complete or partial dentures that can be affixed to an implant or to your natural teeth. Another option they may offer is dentures that have been implanted and affixed to posts. You can choose this option if you have lost the majority of teeth on the upper or lower arch. Dentures Jacksonville Beach dentists provide have many different benefits. Providing the right information to patients can help them understand which dentures are best suited to their needs.

Complete denture installations

When choosing dentures, Jacksonville Beach patients will have the option to choose a complete set of dentures. This set comes with both the upper and lower dentures and it serves to replace the majority or all of the missing teeth. For patients getting complete dentures, there may be a period of time that they have to wait for the permanent dentures to come in. Until that time, they will need to use temporary dentures in Jacksonville Beach area labs can provide on the spot.

Partial denture installations

If only some of the teeth are missing, it will be necessary to provide partial denture installations. The partial dentures will serve to replace only a few of the missing teeth. They are easily removed and cleaned and can be kept in a cleaning solution overnight to prevent the buildup of bacteria. In addition when using partial dentures Jacksonville Beach patients may want to try to use a fixative to help it stay in place when they eat and talk. Without a fixative, the denture may move and slip making oral function difficult and embarrassing.

Dentists can provide a lot of information that can help patients make informed decisions about choosing the best dentures. Ultimately dentures allow for improved chewing, better speech, and improved self confidence.

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