Your Options for Dentures in Appleton WI May Surprise You

by | Jul 17, 2014 | Dentist

In the past, the only option for dentures was the kind your grandparents wore. These removable dentures often slipped out of the wearer’s mouth at the most inopportune times and, in order to keep them in place, messy products were often necessary. Today, though, dentists are able to make Dentures in Appleton WI that fit better in patients’ mouths and are more comfortable to wear every day.

The least expensive option for complete dentures is the old-fashioned removable denture. You can get an immediate denture right after your teeth are removed, and a permanent set within a few months. Adjustments may be necessary over time because, without teeth in your mouth, the bone that held the teeth in place will shrink. Your dentist or prosthodontist may recommend that you visit once every six months after the initial six month healing period to ensure your dentures continue to fit properly, to professionally clean them, and to examine your mouth for signs of other oral health problems.

If you want a denture that is more secure and doesn’t need adhesives to stay in place, consider an overdenture. Traditional overdentures are held in place by the roots of two teeth that are not pulled with the rest of the teeth. By keeping two teeth on the lower bridge, you can reduce the amount of bone shrinkage and give the denture the support it needs to stay in place while you eat.

Another similar option for Dentures in Appleton WI is an implant-supported overdenture. If you choose this kind of denture, your dental professional will implant two metal posts in your gums. These posts will attach to the denture to hold it securely in place while you eat, talk and go about your normal activities. Adhesives are not necessary with implant supported dentures, but they can still be easily removed for cleaning.

Your dental team will discuss the best type of denture for you and teach you how to care for your new teeth properly. If you have any problems after you receive your dentures, such as slipping or sores in your mouth, contact your prosthodontist right away so your dentures can be adjusted to fit properly. To learn more about dentures,


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