What Can Your Oral Surgeon in Short Hills, NJ Help With?

If you have ever used an Oral Surgeon in Short Hills NJ, or if you may have heard a friend talking about a past experience with a local oral surgeon, it might have been for a reason like wisdom teeth removal. While wisdom teeth removal is indeed the domain of an oral surgeon, it is actually only one of the many things your oral surgeon can do. This article will discuss the most popular procedures that a Short Hills oral surgeon will typically do.

Dental implants are very often placed by an oral surgeon. Because dental implants must be placed very precisely, they do require fairly complex oral surgery that only an oral surgeon can typically perform. There are a couple of types of dental implants. One type involves a metal base that is inserted inside the gum, and then the gum is stitched back together. The screw that will then protrude from the gum will be used to attach the prosthetic tooth. Another type of dental implant is that which is actually inserted into the jaw. The oral surgeon will need to drill a hole in the jaw so the metal base for the dental implant can be placed. The in jaw implants tend to be more stable than the ones placed in the gums, but each situation may call for a different level of stability so both methods can be quite useful.

Your Oral Surgeon in Short Hills NJ, can also help with snoring and sleep apnea in many cases. Sleep disturbances such as these are often closely tied to the alignment of your jaw or the way that your tongue rests in your mouth while you are sleeping. Whatever the problem behind your sleep disturbances, your oral surgeon can custom measure your mouth for a device that will help control your breathing and air intake better as you are sleeping. This can reduce the snoring and the sudden interruption in air flow that may come along with sleep apnea.

Your oral surgeon can help with most oral surgeries, for example root canal surgery, as well. Since an oral surgeon, like those at Westfield Oral Surgery, is highly trained and has skills beyond those of a general dentist, you can truly feel secure in trusting them with your surgery.


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