Commonly Asked Questions About Teeth Whitening Cosmetic Dental Treatments In Aurora

by | Aug 21, 2015 | Dentist

Individuals who would like to have whiter teeth should consider having their teeth whitened by an experienced dentist. The procedure is painless and fast when it’s performed by a professional dentist who specializes in Cosmetic Dental Treatments in Wichita. To learn more about the teeth whitening procedure, read the commonly asked questions and the answers below.

Q.) How is a teeth whitening procedure performed in a dental office?

A.) When having your teeth whitened in a dental office, the dentist pours teeth whitening solution inside special trays that fit over your teeth. After placing the trays on your teeth, the dentist moves a special light back and forth over the trays. This light activates the solution and speeds up the teeth whitening process. In about 20 minutes, the procedure is finished and your teeth are instantly whiter. Teeth whitening isn’t painful and the only sensation that some patients feel is a tingle on the gums before the solution is rinsed off the teeth.

Q.) How long do teeth stay white after having a teeth whitening treatment?

A.) The length of time the teeth stay white after a treatment varies from patient to patient. Some people choose to have their teeth whitened once every six months, right after they have a regularly scheduled cleaning. Other patients wait one to two years before having their teeth whitened again.

Q.) How can patients keep their teeth as white as possible between teeth whitening treatments?

A.) Patients who avoid eating teeth-staining foods, such as berries and tomato sauces, can keep their teeth whiter longer. Staying away from beverages that stain the teeth, such as tea and red wine, can also prolong the whiteness of teeth. Regular cleanings at the dental office also help to keep teeth whiter. After having your teeth whitened by a dentist who specializes in Cosmetic Dental Treatments in Wichita, the dentist will give you a whitening pen to take home. You’ll be able to use this special pen between teeth whitening sessions to help keep your teeth as white as possible.

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