General Dentistry, Beaver Dam, WI Can Give You A One Day Makeover

by | Aug 19, 2015 | General Dental Care

One of the primary reasons that many people postpone needed dental work is time. They don’t want to take that much time away from work, are too busy with other obligations. After all, “everyone knows” that many procedures, such as crowns, are going to require multiple visits to General Dentistry Beaver Dam WI.

Dentists have been listening. A new technology known as CEREC now allows permanent, all-ceramic crowns, onlays or veneers to be completed in one visit. Isn’t saving a smile worth one visit?

If You Need a Crown, There’s a Good Reason

The most common reason that someone might need a crown is to cover or “cap” a tooth that is weak or fractured. Crowns are also used to attach a bridge, to cover a tooth that is stained or to cover a dental implant. The crown is cemented onto an existing tooth.

If a front tooth has been damaged, a crown will restore that smile that’s been missing. In addition to improving a tooth’s appearance, a crown can improve alignment and bite. A weak tooth can benefit from a crown if a large filling is needed, but there isn’t enough left of the tooth to hold the filling.

How Can CEREC Provide a One Day Makeover?

CEREC, which stands for “Ceramic Reconstruction,” is the reason that a crown can be completed in one visit. This mercury-free ceramic material closely matches normal tooth structure. The tooth is stronger once CEREC is bonded to the tooth. If the tooth had previously been treated with metallic restorations, CEREC can be a great improvement.

CEREC is safe. To date, more than 250 scientific studies have evaluated CEREC tooth restorations and confirmed the clinical safety of the procedure. CEREC has been used for over 30 million tooth restorations, worldwide.

The advantages of CEREC to both the patient and dentist is that making the crown in the office allows tooth color and the shape of the crown to be exactly what is needed. When it’s necessary to give instructions to a lab, it is very easy for the color or shape to be incorrect, delaying the entire process.

Dr. Thomas Katz of Dentistry of Wisconsin is so familiar with CEREC restorations that he teaches others how it’s done. Of course, if one needs General Dentistry in Beaver Dam, WI, a wide range of dental services are offered. To learn more about CEREC, visit

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