Dental Implants in Pewaukee, WI, Create Natural, Beneficial Tooth Replacement Options

Having attractive teeth is an important part of many people’s self-identify and gives them confidence in their appearance. Unfortunately, there are a number of situations that can result in broken or missing teeth in a person’s mouth. When decay or disease damage a tooth’s health, the tooth may become rotten and fall out or need to be extracted by a dentist. In addition, physical traumas like sports accidents, car collisions or even biting down too hard on food can seriously damage teeth and lead to their loss. People may think that there are no good options for tooth replacement, but this is not the case. Modern options like Dental Implants in Pewaukee WI are available for people who don’t want to use other methods like dental bridges or dentures for replacement.

Traditionally, dentures and bridges were the only ways that a dentist could replace their patients’ missing teeth. Bridges are typically used on the back teeth, as they are often unattractive and require the use of a healthy tooth on either side of the missing one. These healthy teeth serve as anchors and give the dental bridge stability. Dentures, on the other hand, can only be used to replace several missing teeth or more. There are many common issues for people who use dentures, including the fact that they often slip out while people are talking or eating. They also don’t look natural and may make people feel self-conscious about their appearance.

Dental implants from Pewaukee Dental are a newer, more favorable option for those missing teeth. Implants are placed into the gums surgically, so there is no way for them to come loose or fall out. Implants also look like real teeth, so people don’t have to feel embarrassed that they have them. In fact, most people cannot even discern a difference between natural teeth and implants. Implants can be used to correct any number of missing teeth, and they are not dependent on any other teeth for support.

When people lose teeth for any reason, they may be very upset and concerned about how they will look. For these people, Dental Implants in Pewaukee WI are the best option. Implants don’t have any of the issues that other tooth replacement options come with, and they look like real teeth. To know more visit Pewaukee Dental.

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