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A Dentist in East Hanover can Provide Emergency Services

If a person has a Dentist in East Hanover, it will be much easier for them if a dental emergency arises. It’s far less stressful for them to call a familiar office and request to see an Emergency Dentist. When the staff hears that a tooth has been damaged and that the patient is in pain, they will probably say to come in immediately. The dentist will work to clean up the chip and remove any debris that could cause an infection. Once the tooth is stabilized, he can use a composite to replace the chipped portion of the tooth. He can match the color to the existing teeth and shape it to match the others.

A more severely damaged tooth may have to have a porcelain crown placed over it to stabilize it. Modern dental techniques can make a crown in only one visit. At the most, the patient will have to visit the Dentist in East Hanover two or three times to complete the process for a porcelain crown. Once the crown is permanently cemented into place, it is cared for like any other tooth.

Dentists understand that dental emergencies can be hard on the family budget. To help their patients afford the care they need, they accept all major insurance programs and credit cards. They also work with many reduced fee programs. Patients should always ask if there is a way to set up an individual payment plan as well. Parents may also have a hard time taking time off from work frequently for their children’s dental and medical appointments. Early evening appointments mean that they don’t have to take as much time off from their job.

In addition to emergency services, a Dentist in East Hanover can provide a variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments. Dingy teeth can become 10 shades whiter in only 90 minutes with an in-office teeth whitening treatment. Oddly-shaped teeth with uneven gaps can be perfected with porcelain veneers. Crooked teeth can be corrected with invisible aligners. The patient and dentist can develop a plan together, so that the patient will have the smile of their dreams. For more information, visit online

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