A Dentist in Cedarville Can Replace Teeth Lost in an Car Accident

by | Jun 26, 2014 | Dental Services

Selecting a Dentist in Cedarville is an important choice. Dentists play an important role in helping a person maintain good health throughout their bodies. In addition to cleaning teeth and keeping teeth strong with fluoride treatments, dentists also can play a role in emergencies. An Emergency Dentist can prevent the loss of teeth or keep infection from setting in. Accidents are a common reason for emergency dental visits.

Even when people are wearing their seatbelt, it is possible to sustain damage to teeth. As soon as possible the Dentist in Cedarville will examine the patient’s mouth to determine which teeth can be saved and those that need to be extracted. It can be disheartening for a person to learn that they will lose a single tooth, several or even all of their teeth. However, the dentist will quickly explain that there are several ways to replace the teeth. Dental implants are used to replace a single tooth or several. Dentures may be needed if tooth loss is extensive.

Modern dentures are far more comfortable and natural looking than those used by previous generations. Dental implants are also used to keep them in place. Once the damaged teeth have been removed and the jaw has healed, the Dentist in Cedarville will insert dental implants in several locations along the top and bottom jaw. These are topped with small metal balls that will fit into slots in the dentures. Every morning the patient takes their clean dentures and snaps them into place. They can speak confidently with others, because they know that their dentures won’t slip.

If a person loses several teeth in one area, those teeth might be replaced by a bridge. This can either be a removable or permanent bridge. Their dentist will help them decide which is best given the health of their jaw and the strength of their remaining teeth. Whichever solution the doctor and patient decide upon, the patient will be pleased with the natural results. Today’s porcelain and composite materials are able to match every dental color. People will only admire their beautiful smile and not the dental work they had done. For more information visit Millvillefamilydental.com.

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