Why Use a Pediatric Dentist in Wayne NJ?

by | Mar 25, 2015 | Dental Services

A general dentist or a family dentist works well for a lot of people, but a Pediatric Dentist in Wayne NJ can work better with young children or children with excessive anxiety about a dentist’s chair. The office is set up differently and the atmosphere id designed to put children at ease from the moment they walk in the door. The waiting room at a pediatric dentist is colorful and has more activities to keep children busy while they wait so they are not anticipating the worst. Video game systems are often available and the television is not on talk shows or newscasts, it is on kids’ shows.

State of the art technology is utilized for less intrusive x rays and less painful procedures. An open floor plan keeps the environment from feeling clostrophobic and each bay has a television and music available. Children and teens can relax and feel comfortable. Staff are friendly and trained to handle apprehensive patients with understanding. Programs are offered to help children learn about proper oral hygeine and nutrition. Parents are also encouraged to participate to learn about what foods build strong teeth and what foods to avoid. Alternatives to sugary juices and sodas are presented as well.

A pediatric dentist in Wayne NJ specializes in early tooth development and can detect problems in young children early enough to provide interventions. For example, a child with soft teeth can get teeth sealed once the baby teeth are gone and the new ones have grown in. Sealing the teeth provides a barrier to keep bacteria out and ensure that the enamel will get hard as the teeth continue to grow. An injury or accident to the face can have traumatic effects on the teeth. A dentist trained in early interventions can brace a tooth or put additional supports in place so the tooth is not lost. A pediatric dentist may be the best person to take your child to if he is involved in contact sports to get a mouth guard molded and properly fitted to your child. Protecting teeth from an impact can prevent having to replace a tooth or two due to ill fitting equipment.

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