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What Is The Value Of A Smile? General Dentistry In DC Can Help You Achieve The Smile You Desire.

What is the value of a smile? To a person who doesn’t have a great smile, it’s worth a great deal. Preserving a smile with good oral health practices makes sense, economically and emotionally.

The Value of a Smile

1. The first thing most people notice about a person is their smile. Hiding bad teeth with a closed-mouth smile may give an impression of aloofness or coldness.
2. Business Economics writes that the #1 marketing tool is a handshake and a friendly smile.
3. The Atlantic reports that attractive workers earn as much as $230,000 more during their careers than others.
4. A food server without a great smile will not get great tips, according to a food industry blog (and common sense).
5. Business people would be well-advised to hire customer service people who could provide service with a smile. The first impression the customer should receive when they walk through the door is a genuine smile and greeting. Incidentally, a 2011 study revealed that most people were able to tell the difference between a genuine smile and a polite smile.
6. Studies of people applying for jobs have repeatedly recognized that attractiveness gives an edge to an applicant.
7. A study in the Journal of Economic Psychology concluded that smiles can cause strangers to cooperate in a one-shot interaction.
8. Over 30 studies have shown that happy people are healthier and live longer.

The Smile Makeover

There are many dental procedures that can give someone the smile that they have always desired.

1. Invisalign is the alternative to wire and steel braces. The system uses clear aligners and is very popular with adults and teens who do not want a “metal-mouth.”
2. Tooth Colored Fillings are not only more attractive but healthier than old-fashioned fillings containing mercury.
3. Dental Bonding is an answer to chips, gaps, and other dental problems.
4. Crowns and Veneers cover problem teeth, improving the smile.
5. Teeth Whitening can be the finishing touch to a greatly improved smile.

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