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Types of Crowns Available in Keizer OR

If your dentist says you need a crown, there are several types he or she can choose from to cover your tooth. Crowns in Keizer OR are used to cover, protect and strengthen teeth that have become damaged. A crown is a tooth-shaped cap that completely covers the visible areas of your tooth, all the way to the gum line. The type of material your dentist uses will depend on your damage, age and desired outcome for appearance.

*       Stainless steel crowns are used primarily for children, because they are sturdy and can provide cost-effective protection for primary teeth. They are also sometimes used on adults who are waiting for their permanent crown to be created. When this type of crown is used on a child, the crown falls out when the baby tooth is lost.

*       Metal alloy crowns are a good choice because of their strength, but not everyone wants gold, silver or platinum in their smile. Besides being very strong, these crowns are a good choice because less tooth structure needs to be removed during the crowning process. If you are in need of Crowns in Keizer OR, you may want to consider this choice.

*      For a strong option that looks more like your natural tooth, you can choose a metal crown with porcelain infused overlay. The crown is strong, yet has the natural appearance of a tooth. These Crowns in Keizer OR are often one of the most popular choices for strength.

*      If you are low on cash, resin crowns are some of the least expensive. Unfortunately, these crowns are prone to wear and can break more easily than other stronger types. Resin crowns can be used until you can afford a stronger material.

*      Porcelain crowns are often preferred because they appear so natural and have the same feel and color as natural teeth. They are not as strong as porcelain infused metal and can chip and break over time.

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