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Three Benefits of Root Canal Therapy in Baltimore, MD

Sometimes a cavity can eat through the top surface of a tooth and penetrate down into the root. This decay can be very painful because the bacteria from the cavity can cause a severe tooth infection. The only way to get rid of the decay and pain may be to have a root canal. Here are three benefits of having a root canal done.

Saves Teeth

In many cases, a tooth that has been damaged due to decay can become weakened and may need to be removed. However, a specialist called an endodontist may be able to save your tooth by using root canal therapy in Baltimore, MD. After the roots in the tooth have been cleaned to remove any bacteria, a post can be inserted into the tooth to give it strength, and the tooth can then be covered with a filling or crown to make it like new again.

Eliminates Infection

An infected tooth can be very painful and can cause abscesses to form. The bacteria may also get into your bloodstream, which can cause medical complications if the infection reaches your heart or other organs. Fortunately, root canal therapy can help get rid of the bacteria which causes infections, so that you no longer need to be concerned about abscesses or their dangerous effects.

Protects the Bone

The bacteria that cause tooth decay can spread into the jawbone and cause deterioration. Losing bone can cause the teeth to become unstable, since the jawbone is responsible for holding the teeth in place. A dentist can evaluate your teeth and jawbone to check for deterioration, and will then suggest treatments for making your teeth healthy again. Visit website for more info or to make a dental appointment.

Root canal therapy can help protect your teeth and remove decay-causing bacteria to prevent further damage to your teeth and their bone support.

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