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The Perfect Smile With Partial Dentures

A smile is something everyone understands. It is the way we show approval, admiration, and love. Achieving that perfect smile does not have to be unattainable for someone with missing teeth. Finding the right dentist for partial dentures in Farmington Hills can help you feel confident in your smile and the quality of your mouthpiece.

Partial dentures can replace a single missing tooth or multiple teeth in a row. Dentures rely on support of the other teeth and from the jaw and gum in the mouth. Missing teeth can lead to a number of different problems when not properly resolved. The bone surrounding the missing tooth can recede back into the jaw line resulting in bone loss. Teeth are constantly shifting and can drop or become crocked without other teeth holding them in place. This can also affect a person’s bite. Seeking out an experienced dentist can help prevent these issues.

Most partial dentures are held in place with clasps that rest around or on a remaining tooth over a tooth bulge. This resistance is strong enough to hold dentures in place and can be worn during normal activities such as mealtime or while speaking. Although the clasps have a strong hold, they can be removed easily for cleaning or whenever the patient chooses.

There is an array of options to fit each individual’s needs for partial dentures in Farmington Hills. First and foremost dentures need to offer comfort. Time and care should be extended to each patient to guarantee the fit of your dentures is just right. The right fit makes eating, speaking and swallowing comfortable and easy.

Partial dentures in Farmington Hills give patients affordable options to replace missing teeth. With the right information and high quality professionals and equipment, your smile can be restored to its brilliant state once more.

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