Teeth and Jaws Hurt? Call an Emergency Dentist in Farmingdale for Help

by | Oct 25, 2014 | Dental Services

Sometimes, people put off going to a dentist and don’t go in many years. This can be out of fear or a lack of funds. However, they may wake up one morning in so much pain that they have to call an Emergency Dentist in Farmingdale. After an examination, the dentist will have to give them the bad news that they will lose all of their teeth. This can be a devastating diagnosis for people, but the dentist can quickly explain the benefits of a full set of dentures.

The patient will be able to have a healthy and pain free mouth, even if he or she may have been suffering for years with their dental problems. Dentures are a much more realistic and comfortable solution than they were years ago. Many people remember how their grandparents suffered with dentures. When they tried to eat or speak, the dentures often slipped. Dental Implants are now used to secure dentures, so people can speak in public or eat in a restaurant with confidence.

The Emergency Dentist in Farmingdale will immediately extract any teeth that are causing pain. He and the patient will set up a time to have the remaining teeth removed. It will take a few months for the jaw and gums to heal. During that time, the patient can wear a set of temporary dentures. Sometimes these are called immediate dentures. As soon as the healing is complete, the dentist will insert the titanium implants into the jaw. They are spaced evenly on the upper and lower jaws. It takes about eight weeks for the jaw to fully incorporate the implants.

At that point, the emergency dentist at Howell Family Dental tops the implants with small and smooth metal balls. The bottom of the permanent dentures have slots for these balls. The patient cleans his dentures by soaking them. Then, he places them in his mouth and snaps them into place. The dentures are so comfortable and secure, that he won’t have to think about them again until it’s time to take them out. Because the dentures are so realistic, people may not know why the person looks so much better. The may think they have lost weight or gotten a tan.

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