Taking The Mystique Out Of Dental Implants In Summit NJ

by | Aug 13, 2015 | Dentist

Taking the mystique out of Dental Implants in Summit NJ is important to any person who is thinking about getting the process done. It’s true that people have to be in relatively good health to get implants. In general terms, if an individual is healthy enough to have tooth extractions or get any bridgework done, getting an implant shouldn’t be a problem. A complete examinations has to be done to determine which is the best form of implant for a patient. One of the major factors in determining which implant will be used is how much bone is available and where it is located. As with other medical treatments, other opinions can be sought out.

Dental Implants in Summit NJ can last a long time. People usually want exact time estimates, but exact estimates are next to impossible to give. As with regular teeth, there isn’t any reason why dental implants shouldn’t last a lifetime with proper treatment and care. Maintaining a healthy diet can help implants last. There are also genetic factors that can affect a person’s ability to maintain implants. If there are ever any problems with an implant, a dentist should be consulted immediately. Dental implants can become loose just like regular teeth if enough force is applied to them.

Getting implants done at Westfield Oral Surgery or another clinic dedicated to oral health doesn’t usually result in a great deal of post-operative pain. Most people can take over-the-counter medications to deal with any discomfort that they feel after getting implants. This discomfort may last up to five days. As for the procedure itself, the time needed for completion varies. While some implants can be placed in about 30 minutes, others may take longer than three hours to do. Unless there are any unforeseen complications, time estimates given to patients are usually accurate.

People who are missing teeth often have to decide between dentures and implants. It’s clear that implants are far superior to dentures. Implants can actually help to strengthen the bone in the mouth. Wearing dentures can actually contribute to bone loss. Implants also feel more natural in the mouth than dentures do. This means that people who get implants don’t feel awkward while they are eating or talking. Visit the website for more information.

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