Make Sure You See Your Dentist for Dentures in Honolulu

by | Aug 12, 2015 | Dentist

Unfortunately, the aging process is not always kind to the health of the teeth. Whether due to aging, infections, decay or periodontal disease, losing teeth can be traumatic for most people. Those who are missing their natural teeth have problems eating and enjoying life as normal. Unfortunately, this can affect their personal and professional life in many ways. Extensive tooth loss can even cause health concerns because of nutrition deficiencies. Thankfully, people can see their dentist for dentures in Honolulu. Through a pair of dentures, a person can regain their full mouth of teeth so they can eat and speak without worry.

Though dentures are a perfect option for most people, the dentist will need to examine a patient before the decision for dentures is made. If there are any health concerns associated with the patient’s gum tissue, dentures may not be worn until these issues are healed. Periodontal disease and cancerous lesions can be made worse with dentures.

To create a pair of dentures for a patient, the dentist will first make some impressions and take images. These two are used by the dental lab to create a custom pair of dentures that will fit perfectly in a person’s mouth. With the right denture fit, a person can eat and speak normally without fear of their dentures slipping around in their mouth or falling out of place.

Though some dentures are put in place permanently with metal anchors, many people wear dentures that are removable. These plates simply fit over the tops of the gums, completely concealing them on the upper and lower plates.

To create a seal between the gum tissue and the dentures, the dentist will show the patient how to use denture adhesives. These make dentures much more comfortable to wear so they do not cause any friction as a person is eating or talking.

With dentures, people can regain their confidence in their appearance. Make sure you see your Dentist for Dentures in Honolulu. For more information on dentures and the other dental services available, visit website. Contact the office and schedule a consultation appointment to get started on receiving your beautiful pair of dentures today.

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