Symptoms Associated With Periodontitis and How Your Dentistry in Tulsa OK Can Help

by | Sep 19, 2014 | Dentist

Periodontitis is a non-inflammatory disease that manifests by exposing necks of the teeth through the destruction of the tissues surrounding said teeth. The teeth should be long-lasting and fixated well but if there is minor dental plaque, red gums, loose pockets and pus, then it’s time to contact your local Dentistry Tulsa OK. Some patients worry about hypersensitivity of the necks of the teeth, itching of the gums and so on. If this gradually progresses, the disease can lead to tooth loss.

Unfortunately, periodontal disease tends to slowly develop. At the initial stage of periodontal disease, pain and other sensations are present as well. The disease develops gradually, destroying the periodontium. Therefore, patients are usually not in a hurry to go to the doctor. This is a huge mistake.

Periodontitis can be expressed differently depending on the stage, and often begins with bleeding gums. At this stage, the process is reversible as the periodontal ligament that surrounds the tooth and connects it with the neighboring teeth is not affected. This means that chewing pressure is distributed evenly throughout the dentition and no congestion occurs throughout the periodontal tissues. Without treatment, the process goes deeper, destroying the periodontal ligaments.

Periodontal tissue (gums surrounding the tooth, bone) are thus destroyed, and the tooth begins to wobble, losing bone support in the jaw. At this stage you can observe a change in the teeth, their abnormal mobility and the emergence of gaps, mastication issues and traumatic articulation. The initial period of the disease is characterized by itching, throbbing in the gums, loose teeth, discomfort when chewing and foul smelling breath. When the disease progresses, patients will see increased tooth mobility, tooth necks will become exposed and increased sensitivity will be present. The lack of adequate treatment at this stage leads to the loss of healthy teeth. If you haven’t already, seek consultation at your local Dentistry Tulsa OK. Visit website for complete details.

Exacerbation of chronic periodontitis is usually associated with a sharp deterioration in the general condition of the patient (infectious disease, heart failure, etc.). When there is a sharp aggravation of throbbing pain, fever, malaise, and weakness, a patient pay notice a bright redness and swelling of the gums. At this point, the periodontal pocket will begin oozing pus. For more information visit Southard Dental today.



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