3 Great Reasons to Make an Appointment with a Cosmetic Dentist

by | Sep 23, 2014 | Dentist

People who live in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, like those from other parts of the United States, often deal with bothersome self esteem issues because of dental problems that could be easily resolved with help from a cosmetic dentist. Anne Arundel patients can go to specialists to correct a wide variety of common problems, and feel better as a result. Keep reading to learn three specific reasons why you may want to make an appointment with someone who specializes in cosmetic dentistry.

Get Fillings That Match the Color of Your Teeth

In the past, dentists didn’t have as many choices for filling cavities, so they had to rely on unsightly metals. Those substances did the job, but weren’t very aesthetically pleasing. Now, after consulting with Annapolis Dental Associates a experience cosmetic dentist, Anne Arundel patients can get cavities filled composite resin materials and porcelain, so the results look very similar to the natural color and texture of surrounding teeth.

Schedule a Whitening Appointment With a Dentist

Beverages like coffee and tea, plus foods like curry can stain the teeth, making them look yellowed over time. Although there are many topical treatments such as whitening toothpastes, they usually don’t work as well as professional whitening products. If you have a brighter smile, it could make you feel more confident about being out in public and meeting new people, even if you’re characteristically an introverted person.

After your treatment with a cosmetic dentist, Anne Arundel oral health professionals can give tips about how to make the results last as long as possible. Often, it’s as simple as getting in the habit of thoroughly brushing your teeth after eating something that’s likely to stain them.

Fix Broken Teeth for Cosmetic Reasons

Many people have broken teeth that don’t cause pain but make them feel embarrassed. After talking with a dentist about what you’d like to achieve, it’s easy to learn more about the available options and choose at least one that fits your needs. Be sure to bring a list of questions and concerns to your cosmetic dentist. Anne Arundel experts can explain what kinds of materials might be used to fix broken teeth, and whether your dental insurance might cover the procedure.

These are just a few of many things a cosmetic dentist can do for you. If you’re in the Anne Arundel County area or surrounding part of Maryland, take the next step towards an improved smile and make an appointment at Annapolis Dental Associates.



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