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Set an Appointment With Your Dentist for Teeth Whitening in Folsom

A bright and confident smile can do a lot in most social or professional situations. A confident smile shows that someone is positive and confident in themselves. For some people, it can be difficult to show a confident smile due to stains and discoloration. After years of smoking, drinking coffee, or eating foods that stain teeth, a smile won’t be as bright. There’s no reason to be ashamed of stains and discoloration, it only takes a single session at a dentist for dramatic Teeth Whitening in Folsom. A dentist can offer treatments that can remove most or all of the stains that accumulate over the years. Most patients are very happy with their results after just one session. Some patients might find that a second session will remove any remaining stains or discoloration.

Modern Teeth Whitening treatments in Folsom are quick, easy, and painless. Most patients will be in and out of their dentist’s office in over an hour. Most dentists will require a consultation and then an appointment for the whitening treatment. After the session, the patient should be able to go on with their day normally. Unlike older treatments that used bleach, newer treatments don’t leave the patient with painful sensitivity. Most treatments make it possible to enjoy any kind of food or drinks within a short amount of time. There are several different kinds of treatments, ranging in price and effectiveness. It’s important to listen to the dentist about what to do after the treatment, including avoiding certain activities afterwards.

A dentist that offers teeth whitening in Folsom will help the patient decide which treatment to choose. Cosmetic Dentistry can be offered by a regular dentist, but a referral might be necessary. In some cases, a regular dentist will offer the consultation and refer the patient to a specialist that provides more comprehensive cosmetic dentistry services. Some patients might require a deep cleaning before the whitening session. If the patient needs a deep clean, they may have to wait for their teeth whitening session and come back when their teeth are not as sensitive.

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