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Bad breath is an embarrassing condition that can leave you feeling self-conscious and nervous to talk to people or be in social situations. If you practice good oral hygiene and your breath does not improve, you may have an underlying dental condition causing the odors. To improve your breath and stop the embarrassment, your Dentist in Darby has treatment options that can help. This information will assist you in knowing what causes bad odors in your mouth and what the general dentist can do to treat it.

What Causes Bad Breath and How Is It Treated?

  • One of the biggest causes of bad breath, outside of poor oral hygiene, is decay. When you have teeth that are decayed, they are rotting inside your mouth. The rotting tissue can cause severe mouth odors that are impossible to overcome, even with mouth rinses and mints. To stop bad breath caused by decay, the Dentist in Darby will need to remove the decayed areas of your teeth and fill them. This will seal the teeth and stop any odors from wreaking havoc on your breath. If a tooth is so far decayed it cannot be treated, the dentist will pull the tooth.
  • Surprisingly, dry mouth is often a cause of bad breath. When your mouth is not sufficiently hydrated, it cannot rid itself of bacteria. When bacteria begin to multiply in your mouth, they can cause odors. Some people suffer from chronic dry mouth, even when they drink plenty of fluids. Your Dentist in Darby can give you mouth rinses to help keep your mouth hydrated and keep the bacteria numbers under control. Visit Aldan Family Dental for more information
  • Another cause of bad breath is infection. You can experience infection in your gums and teeth. These infections can fill your teeth and gums with pus and can cause putrid odors in your mouth. Infections can be serious and need to be treated as promptly as possible.

If you suffer with bad breath, even though you brush and floss as often as you should, you may need to see your dentist. For more information, visit and allow them to schedule you an appointment, so your bad breath issues can be a thing of the past.

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