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by | Jul 25, 2014 | Dental Services

Accidents happen more often than not. Whether getting a black eye from horseplay at the playground or getting a tooth knocked out during a little league baseball game. Children often suffer from dental emergencies. A parent’s main concern is to relieve the pain of his or her child. Parents are now looking for an Emergency Dentist in Beverly to treat this problem. Willingboro Family Dental will handle all dental emergency needs without the need of an appointment. Willingboro Family Dental offers same day care to help repair or treat the dental emergencies. They handle most common dental emergencies from chipped teeth to emergency extractions. Willingboro Family Dental will even work on emergency root canals and denture repairs.

What classifies as an emergency? To some it could be a mouth injury, to others it could be stains on their teeth. Willingboro Family Dental offers Dental Implants. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots used in conjunction with proper dental hygiene for the restoration for a missing tooth. By substituting missing tooth roots, Dental Implants provide people with the necessary strength and foundation required to eat what they love, without difficulty to chew their favorite food. Dental Implants prevent bone loss and help maintain the facial structure. Additionally, Dental Implants provide the confidence and self esteem people need to display their bright smile and teeth.

Willingboro Family Dental serves as a Teeth Whitening Dentist. Teeth Whitening is a favorite among the cosmetic dental procedures because it improves how a person’s teeth look. This also improves a person’s self esteem in the process. Willingboro Family Dental is not just an Emergency Dentist in Beverly but offers a variety of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures such as Ultradent Boost Whitening, bonding, smile makeovers, veneers, and Invisalign Clear Braces.

Whatever the emergency may be, from dental emergencies such as a chipped tooth, root canals or mouth injuries to the emotional emergency of a missing tooth, Willingboro Family Dental will handle it. They also accept most insurance plans and offer financing for dental emergencies and in-house financing for other procedures performed at the office. When looking for an Emergency Dentist in Beverly or just looking for General Dentistry, Willingboro Family Dental is the one stop-shop place for families of Beverly, New Jersey.



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