Let a Dentist in Haddon Heights Handle Your Emergency Dental Needs

by | Sep 6, 2014 | Dental Services

There are many situations in which a Dentist in Haddon Heights may be called on to serve as an Emergency Dentist, but they all involve extreme pain, massive damage to a tooth or teeth, or a combination of both. In some cases, the emergency can be handled by squeezing the emergency patient in between the normal appointments, but at other times, most dentists will be closed. If a tooth had been knocked out, it’s important to go to one that is open right then, or at least to an emergency room. At other times, however, it’s usually fine to wait until the regular dentist opens in the morning and then be the first one in the door.

Painful teeth are horrible to endure, but can be taken care of by any Specialist Dentist in Haddon Heights that is willing to take emergency appointments. Pain, in the absence of traumatic injury, is usually the result of extensive decay or an infection. Root canal therapy is usually needed when the tooth is at the point that it is causing excruciating agony, but in a few cases, the prognosis will be a bit better. Some cracked teeth, for example, can be quieted by installing a crown without doing a root canal. Cracked teeth don’t always come from sudden trauma. They can also develop from grinding the teeth during sleep or just because the tooth was naturally weak.

Injuries to the mouth can happen even if the teeth were otherwise in great shape. Contact sports can result in a face plant into a rock on the ground, playing baseball can result in a ball to the mouth, and even riding a bike can end up with a mouth injury in case of a traumatic fall. Of course, another cause of mouth injuries is fist fighting. Even peaceful people can end up getting punched in the mouth if someone else isn’t so calm.

When traumatic injuries do happen, they often result in loose or knocked-out teeth. Loose teeth can often be shored up by a Dentist in Haddon Heights, and will re-attach firmly to the gums over time. Other injuries result in cracks or breaks. These are usually handled by crowning the tooth so that damage cannot progress. In most cases, the end result will look as good as if the tooth was never damaged if a dentist’s help is sought in a timely fashion.

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