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Implants through Cosmetic Dentists Cincinnati

According to mythology, the sons born to Gaea and Uranus were called Titans. The most amazing thing is that the divine material used in dental implantation is titanium, mainly because of its strength and durability. Dentistry is most common known for the manufacturing of various types of dental implants. However, many people and their cosmetic dentists Cincinnati still prefer to use commercially pure titanium for dental implants.

What types of dental implants are used in modern implantology?

  • Root form. This is the most popular type of dental implant. In the classic version, this is a step-threaded barrel. Sometimes it is necessary to resort to sinus-lifting, which will build bone mass and then apply the implant. The materials, shape and structure of root implants vary among manufacturers, but these are usually based on “self-tapping bolt” titanium.
  • Lamellar (tapered). This type of implant allows the dentist to infiltrate the bone over a large area, which increases its stability. Laminar implants are used when the bone is so narrow that the use of root form implants are impossible.
  • Combined form. This type of implant is a combination of the root and tapered implant. It may be large enough in the case of large defects of the dentition, and it is a rather complicated form. All three of these kinds of dental implants include the concept of “intra-osseous implants.”
  • Sub-periosteal implants. These are used in a strong thinning (resorption) of the jawbone. This type of implant is installed under the gum, between the periosteum and the bone. The design is quite thin and delicate, but it affects large areas, which allows it to be held firmly in place, effectively performing its function. Click here to know more about best cosmetic dentists in Cincinnati.
  • Endodontic stabilized implants. This kind of implant goes through the root apex of the tooth, so when they are installed there is no significant mucosal trauma. This means the healing process is faster and more efficient. It is used when the tooth root needs to be elongated and strengthened, which imparts additional stability to the entire structure.
  • Intra-mucosal implants. These are special kind of dental implants, which allow cosmetic dentists Cincinnati to put prosthesis in the bone tissue successfully. They are used primarily for stabilization of full or partial dentures.

There are plenty of other procedures available at your local cosmetic dentist. However you should schedule an appointment and seek consultation first. For more information, call Afinia Dental today.


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