Gum Treatment Can Be Carried Out by the Periodontist in Fishers, IN

by | Nov 3, 2015 | Dentist

Outside of cavities, periodontal disease is one of the most prevalent oral health conditions. When a person is suffering from this disease, their teeth are in danger of being lost. It is crucial for people to know the signs of gum disease so they will know when they need to schedule an appointment with the periodontist in Fishers IN. Through prompt treatment, tooth loss can be avoided and a person’s oral health can be protected. When periodontal disease occurs, there are certain signs a person can begin to experience.

First, a person may begin to experience redness and irritation in their gum tissues when the disease is in its beginning stages. This can cause bleeding in the gums. If the condition goes untreated, it will eventually cause progressive damage to the gums and teeth.

Next, as the condition continues, the gums will develop pockets filled with infection around the base of each tooth. As the body works to attack the infection, the supporting structures of the teeth are inadvertently attacked as well. This is what causes the loosening of the teeth. The more the gum tissue erodes, the more the roots of the teeth are exposed. At this point, the teeth will begin to fall out.

Periodontal disease can cause severe pain in the gums and teeth. The treatment for this condition is intense and takes a time to carry out. The dentist will need to give the patient strong antibiotics that may be taken orally or be placed as strips in the gum tissue. If the dentist is able to save the teeth, laser therapy can help to calm the inflammation and swelling so the gums shrink and protect the teeth again.

Many people end up losing many teeth due to periodontal disease. Often, they must have dentures made or have dental implants inserted to replace their missing teeth. The sooner a person sees the Periodontist in Fishers IN the less likely they will be to lose their teeth.

Those who are experiencing any signs of problems with their gums need to seek dental care right away. Contact Moore Dentistry, Inc. and schedule an appointment. Through their dental services, your oral health can be fully protected so your smile can be healthy.

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