Cosmetic Dental Care

Dental Veneers in Wichita KS and other Smile Enhancement Cosmetic Procedures

A whiter, straighter smile can be reclaimed for teeth of any condition. Cosmetic dentistry procedures correct a host of oral flaws. Dental Veneers in Wichita KS are tooth colored casings adhered to the surface of teeth. Its purpose is to conceal imperfections like misshaped teeth, discolored teeth, gummy smiles, and gaps. Veneers can replace orthodontic treatment for some. Dental Veneers in Wichita KS make small changes with a big difference in the appearance of the smile.

Mini implants can secure dentures in the mouth. People who have dentures can get extra support for them with mini implants without an incision made to the gums. They are placed inside the jawbone and adhered to the foundation of dentures. After being reinforced by implants, dentures will not feel like they can be unattached from the gums and speaking and chewing is done more easily. Mini implants can solve the problem of dentures that aren’t securely fitted to the gums.

A gummy smile is unappealing to most people who have it. The gums have grown farther down over the teeth than they should. The length of the gums and teeth are not in proportion with each other making more of the gums visible when smiling. Gingivectomy can correct this aesthetic flaw. It’s a mild surgery for the gums. A small section at the end of the gum-line is removed. A gingivectomy can be done for cosmetic reasons or to help remove an unsalvageable tooth.

No matter how straight and perfectly shaped teeth are, discoloration of enamel is unattractive. Zoom whitening profoundly increases the brightness of teeth many shades whiter. The procedure is completed using a gel that removes stains from teeth. Stains vanish from the teeth using a light that activates the gel. It’s safe and one of the most effective teeth whitening procedures. Those who get this whitening treatment need to follow home care instructions to protect the results. Patients should not deviate from strict oral hygiene practices. Patients go home with a Zoom touch-up gel that can be used periodically to preserve the desired shade of white. Please read the full info here.

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